• History: What has become the borough of Conneaut Lake was founded in 1793 by Abner Evans, who began a gristmill. The community became Evansburg in 1796.

In 1892, the borough was renamed Conneaut Lake to reflect what residents had been using to describe the town next to the lake.

Ice from the lake was a major economic engine in the days before refrigeration was widespread. In 1880, the Conneaut Lake Ice Co. was formed and operated into the 1930s. Ice from the lake was harvested annually and shipped out by rail.

Conneaut Lake was the original home of what is now world-famous Channellock Inc., the maker of tongue-and-groove pliers and other tools. George B. DeArment, a blacksmith, began hand-forging farrier’s tools in 1886 and then would sell them from town to town out of a wagon.

• Notable people: Brothers Darryl Jones, a former outfielder with the New York Yankees, and Lynn Jones, a former outfielder with the Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals. Both grew up in nearby Harmonsburg. Don Weyel Sr. was a basketball and volleyball coach for boys and girls and baseball for boys. He is the first Pennsylvania coach to win a state basketball championship with both a boys’ and a girls’ varsity team.

• Attractions: Conneaut Lake. The largest natural lake in Pennsylvania, formed about 12,000 years ago as glacial ice receded. The name Conneaut comes from the native Seneca nation and means “snow waters. The lake is 3 miles long and 1 mile across with depth up to 90 feet. The lake is home to swimming, fishing and boating.

Conneaut Lake Park. The amusement park’s roots go back to 1892 when it opened as Exposition Park, a fairgrounds and exposition area. Mechanical rides started to be added in 1899 along with a midway. It was renamed Conneaut Lake Park in 1920 as more rides and attractions were added.

The park hit financial difficulties in the 1990s including a bankruptcy and didn’t open in 1995. Though reopened in 1996, the park continued to have financial difficulties. It came under the operation of a nonprofit corporation, but eventually filed for bankruptcy again in 2014. Sold to Keldon Holdings in 2021 through a bankruptcy court proceeding, new ownership operated the park in 2021 while turning it more toward an event venue.

Conneaut Lake Area Historical Society. The Conneaut Lake Area Historical Society formed in 1999 to collect and preserve historical materials related to the Conneaut Lake area. It operates a museum at 150 N. 3rd St. Conneaut Lake with a variety of exhibits on Conneaut Lake Park, famous boats of the lake as well as hotels, Conneaut Lake’s ice industry and more.

• Geography: The borough of Conneaut Lake is located along the southwest shore of Conneaut Lake. The borough has a total area of 0.36 square miles. U.S. Routes 6 and 322 and Pennsylvania Routes 18 and 285 are major routes into the borough.

•Population: 624 residents in the borough of Conneaut Lake. There are another 2,758 residents in neighboring Sadsbury Township which surrounds the borough (2020 U.S. Census)

• ZIP code: 16316

Median age: 41.4

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