I love the new marketing campaign for the Pittsburgh Pirates: We Will ...

It is followed by something positive that fans should look to this season. The one I have seen the most is ... We Will Persevere.

Now, you can look at it a couple ways. The team has already persevered through 13 straight losing seasons and is now ready to win. Or, they will continue to persevere through yet another losing season.

From a fan’s point of view, the same goes for us.

I had the pleasure — or so I thought when we bought the tickets — of going to the Pirates’ home opener against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Monday afternoon. It was a sellout crowd, which is unusual considering recent Pittsburgh baseball history. Still, we got there in plenty of time to get into PNC Park, eat and relax before the first pitch.

Now, I have been to Pirate home openers before. I have been to other games at PNC Park before. But it never dawned on me until Monday’s contest just how terrible the city made parking around its two gem stadiums.

Needless to say, we missed Michael Keaton throwing out the first pitch, both times. Instead, my wife and I spent an hour driving around, trying to find a place to park. A parking spot presented itself about two blocks from the Clark Building. At first it looked like a good deal. But with no direct route from our parking spot to PNC Park, 16 blocks and three Dodger runs later we had our seats.

With the Dodgers in front 3-0, I was ready to go home before I even made it through the gate.

But, we persevered and found our seats.

Another of the Pirates’ new mottos is ... We Will Bring It.

Unfortunately, when Zach Duke did bring it he either missed the strike zone or someone in a Dodger uniform sent it into the stands. At one point, the future ace had thrown 31 balls and just 19 strikes.

For his effort, he got a round of boos.

You know its bad when your wife returns and the only thing she has to say is that a $5 foot-long is a good deal in the stadium.

The Bucs could try We Will Sell You Overpriced Food.

Then there is ... We Will Entertain.

Well, entertainment only goes so far. And a lackluster 8-3 loss is not entertaining and neither is a 1-8 start.

The front office can’t even get the promotions correct.

Monday was magnetic schedule and pirate eye-patch night. Each fan that went to the game got one of each. It was a nice concept, but they should have given each fan two eye-patches and kept the schedule, that way we wouldn’t have had to watch the fiasco taking place on the field.

Anyway, by the sixth inning the game was out of reach and I felt we should get going.

First off, I didn’t want to get stuck in traffic with not only the 39,000-plus in the stadium that stayed until the bitter end. Secondly, the game looked like it was going to be over right around 5 p.m. Putting disgruntled Pirate fans on the same roads as disgruntled workers from the city looking to get back to their suburban homes.

It was a smart move.

It still took us forever to get out of Pittsburgh.

I think next time we go to a game, it will be in Erie. It’s cheaper and there are more places to park.

Besides, I can’t see paying major league prices again to watch minor league ball.

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