Chris Jannazzo is going to want to see his good friend, Jim Hickernell, more often.

For the second time in a year the Jannazzo-and-Hickernell connection resulted in a 300 game by the former, bowled last week in Mixed Nuts League at Plaza Lanes.

Jannazzo also nearly tossed an 800 series bookending his perfecto with 243 and 247 games for a 790.

“I ran into the old man (as Jannazzo calls Hickernell, jokingly) last Monday and he asked me if I’m struggling because I haven’t been in the paper,” said Jannazzo. “I told him I’ve shot multiple 700s and have definitely been in the paper. I am going to have to start running into him more often! He’s definitely my good luck charm because I believe I got interviewed last year, brought him up, and shot 300 the next time I bowled.”

The truth.

As for his eighth career 300 game, Jannazzo was feeling it from the outset — with his recently purchased Storm Fate bowling ball.

“This ball hits very hard and strikes a lot. I was stringing them in my first game but two balls went long and sailed past the headpin. I still salvaged a 243. I made a little move to the left and that was all it took.

“I threw the front 9 in my 300 with ease. The first ball in the 10th was pretty good, too. I always tell myself it’s not real until I strike on the 11th ball. I’ve always had trouble with the 11th ball and it was no different on Friday. I pulled it in a little but got some very good pin action and tripped the 6-pin. I buried the 12th ball for 300.”

As for a possible 800 series, “I knew I had the strikes in me for an 800 but threw a bad shot in the second frame and got a split. I knew I needed them all the rest of the way but threw two spares during the middle of the game and ended up with 247 and 790. I knew I was locked in game one because I was throwing a lot of strikes. I just had to stay focused on the next shot. I told all my friends if my shot doesn’t change I’m going to have a big night.”

Jannazzo sure did.

Congrats, Chris!

Duck dialed in

It was just a matter of carrying for Lee Duck a couple weeks ago.

Finally getting the cooperation from the 10-pin, Cochranton Lanes proprietor Lee Duck fired his 18th career 300 game in the third game in Tuesday Mixed League and finished with a 724 series.

“I had a 210 and 214 and was hitting the pocket well, just wasn't carrying, but I knew I had a chance,” he said. “I’ve had a lot of missed opportunities on 300’s due to the dang 10-pin. I could probably have many more 300’s if they take out the 10-pin like Jesse Jackson tells me every week.”

In our brief discussion this columnist asked the 47-year-old Duck when he threw his first career 300 game and he mentioned a legendary name.

“I was 16 and I have a picture somewhere. I remember my nerves and it was in a men's league at Franklin Diamond Bowl and John Hricsina was on my team. He told me going into the 10th frame to take my time and that I got this. It’s 30 years later and I still remember those exact words from the man.”

Sidenote on Hricsina: Yours truly and teammates Jim Lynn and Joe Paden bowled with his son, Bill, in the USBC 55th Annual Pennsylvania State Seniors Tournament at Baden and Beaver Falls two weeks ago and had a blast with the big fella. He led us in team event with a 699 series. We shared many gut-busting stories about his one-of-a-kind bowling legend father.

Francis on-fire

What if Dan Francis started bowling at Lakeside Lanes several years ago?

Wrecking the lumber again in Wednesday Nighters League, Francis — who just started bowling regularly at the Conneaut Lake house two years ago — fired games of 275, 278 and 225 for an outstanding 778 series.

In the previous two seasons at LL Francis has thrown 300’s and 800’s.

Oh, by the way, Francis also did his normal damage at Lost Lanes throwing an even 700 in the Spa League.

Men’s action at the other houses:

Cochranton Lanes — Ryan Williams copied Francis’ performance in the Spa League with another 700 on the spot in Pioneer League.

Lakeside Lanes — The red-hot Don Granda Jr., the 2022 Pennsylvania Seniors State Championships 9-Game All-Events Scratch champion, rolled three 700’s – 721 in NFL Mixed League and 701’s in Stewart’s Classic League and Wednesday Nighters League … Other 700 rollers: Doug Dunham (730 in Stewart’s Classic League), Lane Baker (726 in Stewart’s Classic League), Dennis Chess (718 in Wednesday Nighters League), Shaun Boyle (710 in Wednesday Nighters League), Matt Alexander (707 in Businessmen League) and Art Barnes (705 in National Mixed League).

Lost Lanes — Allen Simpson was Mr. Consistent in Tuesday Mixed League – in a big way! He tossed games of 247, 247 and 245 for a 739. Great set, Allen! … Explosive righties Jeff Keener and Ricky Kanline fired 715 and 705 totals, respectively, in Spa League and Tuesday Mixed League. Speaking of Keener and Kanline, they also crushed the pins in tournaments recently, throwing 900 no-tap series in Auto Racers for Kids Charity Tournament at Eastway Lanes in Erie and Seneca No-Tap Tournament, respectively.

Plaza Lanes — 731 was the number in Monday Night Invitational League as Tyler Barnes and Brandon Wachob each tossed those series’ digits.

Red-hot women

Britney Holben can bowl with the best of them — men or women. Period.

In Monday Night Invitational League at Plaza Lanes the right-handed Holben rolled games of 194, 236 and 203 for a 633 series. Great set, Britney!

In other MNI action, Kayla Card — the Lin Van Lanes dominator for many years — tossed a 609.

There is a newcomer on the Plaza Lanes block: Ellie Schommer. She shot games of 203, 201 and 213 for a 617 in Mixed Nuts League. PL co-owner Ramon Rodriguez on Schommer: “She is one to watch.”

At Lost Lanes, Natalie Hanks threw a 607 in Tuesday Mixed League.

McKinney dominates

It looks like the Stewart boys (Colby and Chase), last week’s youth headliners, have some competition — from a girl.

Meegan McKinney, who has a few career 600 series under her belt, tossed her first “6” of the season with games of 181, 200 and 235 for a 616 in Junior-Major League at Lakeside Lanes.

Great shooting, Meegan!

Final words

Happy Thanksgiving, keglers and readers!

Dailey tosses 300-game, 700-series

Lost Lanes owners Harry and Natalie Hanks nearly got sick to their stomach after watching youth standout Trent Dailey throw his last ball for a possible 300 game.

Say what?

As soon as the talented 15-year-old Dailey rolled his ball the rack unintentionally fell, preventing the ball — which looked a like a good shot according to Harry Hanks — from hitting the pins.

“I couldn’t believe it, my heart dropped to my stomach,” said Harry Hanks.

Hanks knew what to do next.

After retrieving the ball from the lane and fixing the rack, Hanks walked back to Dailey and had a nice father/son-like brief talk.

“I just told him that I’m sorry and to take his time before throwing his next shot. I told him to breathe and he did.”

What happened next? The focused Dailey regained his composure and threw a strike to achieve his childhood 300-game dream and in the process tossed his first career 700 series with a 702.

Dailey’s opening games were 212 and 198.

“Throwing my first 300 is very exciting,” said the humbled Dailey, who carries a 191 average and had a previous high game of 279.

As for the lane malfunction, Dailey said, “It was unfortunate and not much fun. The ball looked good when I released it. I was upset but Mr. Hanks calmed me down.”

Hanks knows talent when he sees it and Dailey has it, according to him.

“He is very good and will only get better. He throws down-and-in and kind of hard. He also bowls for the school and is the last bowler to leave a lot, trying to get better. He is a good kid.”

Congrats, Trent!

Even-keeled Plyler nails second 300-game

Maybe someday Landon Plyler will show some excitement after throwing a 300 game.

Showing his amazing cool-headed demeanor for a 14-year-old kid, Plyler buried three shots in the 10th frame for his second career 300 game — both in the last year — and calmly walked back after each strike two weeks ago in Venango-Crawford Bowling League action at Lost Lanes.

“He was his usual no emotion Landon,” said Lost Lanes proprietor Natalie Hanks. “You would never know he had a 300 game by looking at him. He was as cool as a cucumber. He threw all solid shots and it was exciting to see.”

Landon’s mama, Erica, expected the low-key celebration.

“In true Landon style he was humble and speechless. He only told me what ball he was using and didn’t say anything else.”

Plyler made sure his mother was paying attention, though.

“Landon came over after the seventh frame to make sure I knew what was happening. I said, just stay calm and throw the ball. That is the best I have to offer for tips — and I keep his water refilled.”

Thanks for the chuckle, Erica. She did her job.

Landon’s father and bowling coach, Chris, missed the perfect-game heroics as he was in Indiana on a hunting trip.

“I was doing everything I could not to jinx Landon as Chris was asking for updates but I couldn’t send him anything until it was over,” said Erica. “Chris was hunting with his stepbrother, Josh VanSise, and his wife, Jess, was keeping Josh updated and Josh was keeping Chris updated.

“When I finally did text Chris, he said, ‘it must have been the coaching tips I text him this morning,’ and he sent me a screenshot of the text message, ‘keep your upper body upright and elbow in the back of the ball. Last time out you kept chicken winging the ball.’ He went on to say he was ‘super proud’ and ‘it’s so awesome.’”

Prior to his second-match 300, Plyler also showcased his under-pressure coolness in Meadville/Cochranton’s first match by striking out in the 10th frame to beat Conneaut (two teams), Cambridge Springs and Meadville/Cochranton’s other two teams. He finished with a 236 game.

Plyler loves another sport, too: Football. He is a freshman on Meadville’s District 10 championship team.

“Landon hasn’t been able to attend any of the high school bowling practices yet this season because of football and has bowled out for his Saturday league at Plaza. He is looking forward to being able to devote his time to bowling but is enjoying his time playing football as well. He does truly love both sports.”

More time on the lanes may mean: More 300’s for the Plyler phenom.


Sunday Nite Mixed – Nick Robinson 603, Lee Duck 245-221-667, Karen Steadman 210, Barb Benak 200-193.

Pioneer – Ed Krizon 235-634, Corey Richter 254-220-650, Brian Huth 224-626, Andrew Barnes 256-647, RYAN WILLIAMS 238-236-226-700, William Stein 235-222-644, Shawn Smith 231-604, Chris Plyler 222-627, Mike Bickford 223-637, Bill Newhard 246-641.

Tuesday Mixed – Lee Duck 237-222-644, Matt Allen 254-646, Larry Hoffman 256-634, Nick Robinson 247-627.

Juniors – Aiden VanSise 154-178-165-497, Robert Shouey 161-158-456, Braeleigh VanSise 169, Peyton Miller 238-184-560, Keirstynn Miller 180, Justin Weyand 152, Takoda Gregory 165-164-472.


Commercial – Chris Berdis 226-600, Shawn Park 241-637, Nick Kightlinger 615, Ryan Williams 223-603, Aaron Krizon 247-651, Mike Almon 226-222-225-673, Gary McGranahan 246-222-684, Troy Johnson 600, Jim Scrivens 244-614, Rob Benge 248-629, Chris Jannazzo 230-225-655, Tyler George 223-619.

Monday Night Invitational – Rodrick Baird 255-674, Kurt Baird 257-652, Morgan Dyne 207-552, BRITNEY HOLBEN 194-236-203-633, TYLER BARNES 266-248-731, Stephen Harvey Jr. 231-623, KAYLA CARD 193-215-201-609, BRANDON WACHOB 247-267-731, Anthony Card 639.

Plaza Men – Jeremy Smith 257-674, Brandon Wachob 224-666, Rodrick Baird 227-644, Brian Stallard 613, Lewis SanFelice 223-607, Jasmine Shafer 217.

Mixed Nuts – CHRIS JANNAZZO 243-300-247-790, Brandon Wachob 228-618, Jeff Hamilton 231-611, Seth Beerbower 225-608, Morgan Dyne 219-573, ELLIE SCHOMMER 203-201-213-617, Lindsay RIckel 206, Savannah Custard 203, Darcy King 190.

Eagles 429 – DJ Reagle 244-624.

Sportscar – Robin Leri 202.

Senior Men – Art Barnes 225-633, Joe Furno 235-624, John Gaunt 223-590, Joe Paris 579, Tom Osborne 233-574, Cliff Seibel 563, Dale Barnard 547, Ed Burdick 219, Mark Szitas 211, John Bowersox 203, Don Zimmer 202.

Senior Mixed – Joe Furno 254-647, Albert Griggs 226-610, Bob Barton 204-572, Roger Beck 202-567, Michael Chance 192-540, Jake Perrine 221, Jim Griggs 211, Jim Hickernell 200, Ingrid Hunt 181, Sheree Griggs 179, Debra Yelenich 168, Madeline Mangino 163, Betty Longo 156, Mary Lou Lenhardt 155, Gay Lippert 152, Kathy Barton 150.


Stewart’s Classic – DJ Granda 223-244-641, Shaun Boyle 234-622, Doug Tabar 224-645, DON GRANDA JR. 252-279-701, DOUG DUNHAM 259-247-224-730, Don Eaton 240-623, Jordan Vaughn 235-248-667, Jeff Bragg 614, Glenn Dillon 232-233-655, Steve Swezey 237-602, LANE BAKER 237-258-231-726.

NFL Mixed – Doug Dunham 235-628, DON GRANDA JR. 263-234-224-721, Jordan Vaughn 221-613, Austin Granda 278-636.

Businessmen – DJ GRANDA 241-256-703, MATT ALEXANDER 242-246-707.

National Mixed – Laurie Reigleman 192, ART BARNES 258-235-705.

Tuesday Nite – Amanda King 195.

Wednesday Nighters – Austin Granda 223-248-640, Doug Dunham 248-644, Derek Dunham 248-644, Steve Swezey 615, Lane Baker 254-233-686, DENNIS CHESS 278-223-718, Tim McEntire 221-606, DAN FRANCIS 275-278-225-778, DON GRANDA JR. 231-258-701, Ted Foister 223-632, Tyler Foister 244-616, Don Eaton 258-614, SHAUN BOYLE 245-248-710, Andrew Barnes 222-238-652, Art Barnes 234-226-623, Steven King 258-654, Sonny Rauscher 232-628, Brad Spring 227-642, Shawn Smith 258-617, Cooper Baum 234-605.

Prep – Jiahna Cox 110, Bryson Beers 107-101-128-336.

Junior-Major – Colby Stewart 197-541, Lane Arnett 166, Chase Stewart 211-192-173-576, Katarina Cameron 185-178-513, Noah Scott 142, Hayden Dunham 142-122-136-400, Landon Dunham 107-153-349, Steven Heckman 125-155-369, Austin Clark 109, Austin Nelson 141-110-347, Trevor Vetter 125-133-122-380, Abigail Powell 152-176-456, MEEGAN McKINNEY 181-200-235-616, Madeline Moyers 103, Adrian Moyers 168, Addison Medrick 126, Andrew Medrick 180-168-218-566, Victoria Medrick 225-192-571, Nate Brace 126-106, Kelan Finck 116. 


Spa – Jim Hunter 224-632, Jim Lynn 226-645, Joe Paden 606, Bob Mudger 602, DAN FRANCIS 254-239-700, Brian Stainbrook 600, Mark Orlop 649, Doug Francis 241-238-678, Matt Orlop 268-653, JEFF KEENER 262-232-715, DeWayne Reichel 225-625, Greg Brawn 225-607, Mick Lilly 608, Gary Lilly 225-226-611, Dan Lilly 246-631, John Burnell 243-244-686, Harry Hanks 608.

Tuesday Mixed – RICKY KANLINE 247-258-705, Ron Gilliland 277-698, Dan Lily 266-658, ALLEN SIMPSON 247-247-245-739, Greg Brawn 243-636, Nathan Fralick 232-665, NATALIE HANKS 202-245-607.

Wednesday Ladies – Barb Abbott 201-216-591.

Friday Morning 254-602, Ryan Williams 238-231-686, Harry Hanks 229-614.

Sunday Mixed – Mitch Worley 613, Bill Muenz 228-650.

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