Gary McGranahan obviously made the correct ball change.

Unable to carry the corner pins in his first game with his Track Precision Solid bowling ball in the Commercial League at Plaza Lanes recently, the Greenville native pin-crushing McGranahan reached into his ball bag and grabbed his Hammer Statement Pearl ball for his second game.

Twenty-four shots later, 23 strikes.


McGranahan fired the first 300 game of this season at Plaza Lanes — and the 68th in his unbelievable career — in his second game and followed with a 280 for an eye-catching 775 series.

He left a solid 10-pin in the second frame of his third game.

Afterwards, the humbled McGranahan only said, “It was a good night.”

That is McGranahan’s normal demeanor on bowling nights: Very few words; a lot of strikes.

Congrats (again!), Gary!


Joiner joins 700 Club

Scott Joiner — one of the biggest bowling junkies in the Western Crawford County Bowling Association — achieved his long-awaiting goal in the 2nd Annual Mixed Doubles Tournament at Lakeside Lanes recently.

His first career 700 series.

Bookending a pair of 244 games, Joiner shot a 711 series.

Congrats, Scott!

In other Mixed Doubles Tournament news, Mike McHenry also was locked in, throwing 237 and 255 games for a 707 to put him and his wife, Diane, in first place with a 1,441 handicap series.

The second shift was postponed due to the coronavirus and a re-scheduled date hasn’t been set yet, according to tournament director Vicki Heim.


Cochranton crushers

Realizing it was going to be their last time for a while, Lee Duck and Tyler Barnes went out with a bang in the Pioneer League at Cochranton Lanes.

Former Cat’s Cochranton Crusher award winner Duck tossed 254 and 252 games for a 721 series and Barnes shot 253 and 247 games for a 709.

Great rolling, righties!


Final words

This columnist isn’t sure when I will be back … stay safe keglers and readers!

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