Another Cochranton crusher on the scene? Quite possibly.

Zach Snyder — a promising right-handed kegler who is just tapping into his potential — was legit in the Pioneer League at Cochranton Lanes recently as he threw a career-high 773 series.

The 29-year-old Snyder shot games of 243, 265 and 265.

Snyder’s lights-out scores weren’t enough for this columnist — need more details on him. I contacted you-know-who …

“Zach has a good game, he is very consistent,” said my main Cochranton Lanes source, Larry Hoffman, who is also a teammate of Snyder’s in the Pioneer League.

Move over Ryan Williams, Lee Duck, the Barnes’ brothers (Andrew and Tyler) and Chad Robinson, Snyder is beginning to make some noise in Cardinal country.

Great set, Zach!

Snyder wasn’t the only Cochranton crusher on that evening in the Pioneer League as three other 700’s were tossed: Scott Williams rolled 10 consecutive strikes for a 289 game and added a 257 for a 750 series; Ryan Mudger crushed the 1-3 pocket with 278 and 245 games for a 738; and, Andrew Barnes fired 255 and 247 games for a 716.


Granda Jr. in groove

Don Granda Jr. can probably throw a string of strikes blind-folded.

Maintaining his dominance at his bowling establishment, Lakeside Lanes, Granda — in his typical ho-hum fashion — reached the 700 series mark three times in the last week.

The left-handed legend tossed games of 280, 221 and 270 for an impressive 771 in the Stewart’s Classic League; rolled games of 253, 247 and 246 for a 746 in the NFL Mixed League; and, tossed 266 and 278 games for a 737 in the Wednesday Nighters League.

Granda has 102 career 800 series … hmmm, wonder how many career 700’s? I’m thinking in the 2,000’s. Do you know Mr. 300/800?

In other Lakeside action, die-hard kegler Troy Johnson shot two 700’s with games of 247, 267 and 222 for a 736 in the National Mixed League and a 702 in the Wednesday Nighters League … Doug Dunham is rolling again! After undergoing a triple-bypass surgery in August, the right-handed Dunham is showing signs of his sharp-shooting self again as he tossed games of 278, 246 and 216 for a 740 in the Stewart’s Classic League … Our 2019 WCCBA Hall of Famer Lane Baker was locked and loaded in the Wednesday Nighters League, throwing games of 257, 237 and 245 for a 739 … Chad Beers also excelled in the Stewart’s Classic League with a 719.


Stover shines

When Josh Stover gets lined up, the end results will probably grab your attention.

Case in point: In the Commercial League at Plaza Lanes recently, the right-handed Stover banged out games of 248, 268 and 224 for a 740.

In other Commercial League action, Rodrick Baird and Shawn Whitehead each shot a 700 on the button.


Bowler of the week

As inked above, there were several 700 shooters in the past week, but Cat’s Bowler of the Week is Phil Skelton.

In the Cambridge Merchants League at Lost Lanes, Skelton rolled his first career 600 series with a 606.

Congrats, Phil!

Do you remember your first career 600? I do. In the Junior-Major League at the former Center Bowl establishment.


Hanks cruising

Natalie Hanks should be very happy with her game as of late.

Crushing the 1-3 pocket continuously, Hanks tossed her second 722 series in the last two weeks in the Found Lounge Ladies League at Lost Lanes with games of 202, 263 and 257.

She also had a 722 in the Saturday Keglers League.

The right-hander also destroyed the lumber in the Found Lounge Mixed League with games of 214, 246 and 225 for a 685.

In Wednesday Night Ladies action at Lost Lanes, Savannah Custard — who tossed her first career 700 series a week ago — rolled 206 and 224 games for a 611 and Whitney Keener threw an even 600.


Young guns

It wouldn’t be a readable column without the young guns, right?

This week’s top YG: Issac Heim. In the Saturday Juniors League at Lost Lanes, the promising Heim fired games of 203, 222 and 226 for a 651.

In the Junior-Major League at Lakeside Lanes, Brookelyn Garvey and Cooper Baum exited with identical series: 647. The former rolled 229 and 248 games, while the latter shot 244 and 234 games.

Heim wasn’t the only 600-plus roller at Lost Lanes as Nick Archacki — the three-time Cat’s Young Gun Bowler of the Year — tossed a 621.


Seniors Tournament

A reminder seniors: The annual monthly Plaza Lanes Seniors Handicap Tournament will be held Sunday at 10 a.m. To enter, call PL at 724-2144. Walk-ins are also welcomed.


Top averages

In last week’s column, yours truly highlighted bowling legend Butch Zelasco for his dominance in the 1980’s, scoring the highest average in six of eight years.

After receiving some positive remarks about that portion, I decided to go a step further this week: Courtesy of Lyle Williams’ “The Book,” below are the highest 200-average kegler(s) each year, beginning in 1963-64 and ending in 2004-05 (Note: Williams’ last year in updating the averages and achievements; Note II: I am kicking myself now as I should have approached Williams then and helped him keep “The Book” going year-by-year).

Get a fresh cup of coffee and enjoy (I know you will) …

1963-64 — Edward Zelasco, 204, Merchants League, Plaza Lanes

1964-65 — Stanley Zelasco, 207, Merchants League, Plaza Lanes

1965-66 — No 200 averages

1966-67 — Stanley Zelasco, 203, Merchants League and Twilight League, Plaza Lanes

1967-68 — John Hricsina Sr., 202, Merchants League, Plaza Lanes

1968-69 — Mike Gerrick, 200, Men’s Monday Night, Plaza Lanes

1969-70 — Bill Nelson, 201, Pennliners, Pennline Lanes

1970-71 — Stanley Zelasco, 211, Merchants League, Plaza Lanes

1971-72 — Stanley Zelasco, 210, Merchants League, Plaza Lanes

1972-73 — Walter Hunt, 201, Merchants League at Plaza Lanes and Pennliners League at Pennline Lanes

1973-74 — Butch Gunsallus, 206, Merchants League, Plaza Lanes

1974-75 – Walter Hunt, 211, House League, Pennline Lanes

1975-76 — No 200 averages

1976-77 — No 200 averages

1977-78  No 200 averages

1978-79 — John Hricsina Sr., 213, Merchants League, Plaza Lanes

1979-80 — Butch Zelasco, 212, Merchants League, Plaza Lanes

1980-81 — Butch Zelasco, 216, Merchants League, Plaza Lanes

1981-82 — Butch Zelasco, 223, Merchants League, Plaza Lanes

1982-83 — John Hricsina Sr., 219, Merchants League, Plaza Lanes

1983-84 — John Hricsina Sr., 223, Merchants League, Plaza Lanes

1984-85 — Butch Zelasco, 220, Twilight League, Plaza Lanes

1985-86 — Butch Zelasco, 227, Twilight League, Plaza Lanes

1986-87 — Butch Zelasco, 220, Merchants League, Plaza Lanes

1987-88 — Matt Nelson, 220, Men’s Monday Night, Pennline Lanes

1988-89 — Bill Lynn, 219, Thursday Scratch, Lost Lanes

1989-90 — Don Granda Jr., 210, Merchants League, Plaza Lanes

1990-91 — Don Granda Jr., 207, Merchants League, Plaza Lanes

1991-92 — Butch Zelasco, 206, Merchants League, Plaza Lanes

1992-93  Jeff Lee, 221, Merchants League, Plaza Lanes

1993-94 — Don Granda Jr., 228, Merchants League, Plaza Lanes

1994-95 — Jeff Lee, 225, Merchants League, Plaza Lanes

1995-96 — Jeff Lee, 218, Huckleberry Hounds League, Plaza Lanes

1996-97 — Jeff Lee, 220, Huckleberry Hounds League, Plaza Lanes

1997-98 — Steve Bailey, 233, Plaza Men’s League, Plaza Lanes

1998-99 — Jeff Lee, 232, Merchants League, Plaza Lanes

1999-2000 — Jeff Lee, 232, Merchants League, Plaza Lanes; Dave Zelasco, 232, Huckleberry Hounds League, Plaza Lanes

2000-2001 — Rodrick Baird, 228, Merchants League, Plaza Lanes

2001-2002 — Don Granda Jr., 235, Stewart’s Classic League, East Side Lanes

2002-2003 — Don Granda Jr., 242, Merchants League, Plaza Lanes

2003-2004 — Don Granda Jr., 240, Stewart’s Classic League, East Side Lanes

2004-2005 — Don Granda Jr., 236, Stewart’s Classic League, East Side Lanes

And, 2005-2006 through present, probably Granda Jr. … Granda Jr. … Granda Jr. … Granda Jr. …

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