Why are Americans seemingly programmed towards biases against Black and Brown people? Joe Biden tapping Kamala Harris as his choice for vice president has already (just 4 hours after the announcement) started to show the racial divide in this city, county and country. We are taught as school children to believe in American superiority and ingenuity, and we briefly gloss over (or rather, white wash) the racial issues that many feel while sitting through those lessons.

It's been 4 hours and 10 minutes since the announcement and I have seen numerous comments on social media calling Sen. Harris "angry," a "socialist" and a few calling her ethnicity into question. First, let's be very clear here, a mixed race person of color who is partially Black, is Black in the eyes of every person in this country (I have a son who's ethnicity is ambiguous at best but in the eyes of everyone who sees him he's Black). Next, Kamala Harris is a United States Senator, and a former district attorney. She's not what progressives would call "liberal" and she's very intelligent and always well prepared. Hardly an "angry black woman."

My entire life I've heard Black women (and men) described as "angry" or "aggressive." Latinas are described as "fiery" or "feisty." While white women are "assertive," "determined" or, at worst, "bossy." Many in this county would love for us to believe that racism isn't prevalent anymore and if only we'd stop talking about it, it would magically disappear. These biases however, will not go away until we face them and teach our kids to do and be better. Stereotypes only serve to hold us back as a society. Language matters. Think before you speak.



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