Being of a certain age allows some of us an interesting perspective on the current vaccine hesitaters. We were part of the first mass polio vaccination efforts in the 1960s long before the majority of today's anti-vax crowd were even thought of.

Polio was invisible, horrible to behold and before the vaccine, spreading like wildfire. We went for our treatment, we knew the alternative was playing with a bad outcome, we even went back for more treatment after the first vaccine effort proved defective, and we conquered polio.

What has happened to people since then? What has really happened, not the conspiracy manipulations leading people to act against their own best interests and those of their fellow humans, but for real, nothing. Science hasn't failed us, science isn't killing us, science is still the same, millions of dedicated people working tirelessly to improve our chances of leading healthy lives.

You can only answer this yourself if you are resisting the shot. Exactly what is the reason, is it something you heard at a meeting, something in a pamphlet, or on social media, and how does the information you have based your decision on stack up against the reality of sinking infection rates where the shots have succeeded in saving lives? The rest of us hope that you come to realize that getting the shot will be a good thing for you, for those you love, and for all of the U.S.



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