Critical race theory (CRT) asserts that America is an inherently racist nation, founded by racists for the benefit of only whites and that the entire system of our laws and traditions are therefore illegitimate. It alleges that structural and systemic racism infests every aspect of our society and that white supremacy is rampant. CRT substitutes racial oppression for Marxist class oppression and it seeks to force analysis of all racial disparities through the lens of victimization, subjugation and racial discrimination. CRT demands equity. Equity does not mean equality. Equity is the collectivist notion of equal outcomes, no matter the effort or ability.

Under the precepts of CRT, not only are society and its institutions irredeemably racist but it asserts that nearly all white people are also racist, even if they don’t know it. CRT states that the only judge of racial victimization can be the alleged victim himself and any demands for proof of racism are rejected as racist. Under CRT, any support of our society and its norms is “oppression." The advocates of CRT explicitly reject the principles of the enlightenment, denouncing logic, reason and free speech as “whiteness” or “violence” and they reject traditional notions of academic excellence, labeling it white supremacy, as are hard work, self-responsibility, meritocracy and excellence.

In short, critical race theory is racist neo-Marxist drivel. CRT is the weaponization of envy, grievance and racial hate in the pursuit of money and political power. It’s money for race-hustling grifters, who receive up to $20,000 an hour to tell gullible people that they’re racists; it’s jobs for otherwise unemployable diversity bureaucrats; and it’s about power for leftists, who get to slander their political opponents as racists and then cancel them.

There is no systemic racism in America. Employers fall over themselves looking for qualified minority candidates. White supremacy is not rampant in America. The number of actual Nazi party and KKK members in this country wouldn’t fill a college basketball gymnasium. I don’t know any white supremacists and neither do you. This so-called theory needs to be expunged from our society forever.

Frederic T. McDermott


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