This past week was an eye-opener! My husband and I visited our son and his family near Baltimore. Our goal was to watch our 11-year-old grandson play lacrosse and what a show of grit, tenacity and fire those young boys put on for fans.

There was every ethnic, color, size and shape on those fields and they all played together with love and support for one another. In 90-degree weather our grandson played three games in one day — I mean it was hot and humid. I felt like a flowing fountain even in the shade.

Team members are friends, neighbors, schoolmates. They go to private and public schools, but the private schools provide the biggest and best facilities I have ever seen. Wow! Private schools are very generous in letting all children play at their facilities — rich or poor.

I was so impressed by the coaches who didn’t over-criticize or become mean or vulgar. Our grandson’s team won all three games the first day; however, the second day got a lot tougher. There were teams from all over the country. Coaches were respectful and caring for each player. The heat (90 and humid) made it tough, so they were in and out with lots of rest time.

My point is that there was no racial tension (Democrats push a false narrative), there was no meanness, there was no taunting, there were no political attitudes. It was wonderful and the coach said, “We may not have won the championship, but you are all champions.”

We as adults in this world need to look within ourselves and pull up some of that tenacity, grit and hard work to get where we need to be in life. Those who want everything free are wishful thinking and even though it is being promised, it's never going to happen — it can’t.

Even if a person is elected by promising handouts, I won’t care. I’ll either be in heaven or drooling in a wheelchair and you’ll be paying for me too. Good luck as the rich will be soaking up the sun on some tropical island somewhere.



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