After my last letter to the editor, I received a hate-filled notecard from a person (I won’t give the name) whose anger is real and kind of scary. It read, “He (Trump) should be before a firing squad along with Cruz, Hawley, Don Jr., Moe Brooks.” ... “I’m afraid I find you just as disgusting, and guilty as the scum bags that raided the nation’s capitol.”

That’s crazy talk. A difference of opinion doesn’t make me a terrorist or a criminal. Revengeful rhetoric is tearing this country apart.

The hatred toward our elected officials, who stood up for fair elections, is beyond belief. In Pennsylvania, they had every right to reject the election results and here’s why: In late November, Commonwealth Court Judge Patricia McCullough agreed with the plaintiffs that Article VII, Section 14 of the Pennsylvania Constitution spells out voter rights. It states that voters must either vote in a polling place on election day or submit an absentee ballot so long as the voter meets specific requirements for the request. It doesn’t allow for other forms of voting.

The law passed allowing mass mail-in ballots was unconstitutional, which makes the election results illegal (online under the Pennsylvania constitution). Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration illegally changed rules further by not matching signatures and by counting late illegal mail-in ballots. Rep. Mike Kelly and others had every legal right to object. In 2000, over a dozen Democratic House members objected to the allocation of Florida’s Electoral College votes to George W. Bush.

Remember, Joe Biden’s executive orders, too, can be overturned by a judge, legislation, or someone else’s pen. Although, we’re in the back seat at the moment, I think in 2022 Republicans will be driving again. God is watching and waiting — he won’t let his car crash because of a reckless driver. I believe with all my heart that God will again bless America!



Editor's note: The Pennsylvania Supreme Court struck down McCullough's decision to halt the certification of Pennsylvania's election results. The state's mail-in ballot law was approved by a Republican-held legislature. 

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