One of our urgent needs, with climate change becoming more obvious and disruptive daily, is to transition to clean energy, particularly electricity. Pres. Biden has set a goal of 100 percent clean electricity by 2035, a mere 14 years away.

Congress will soon consider two key parts of the American Jobs Plan — major government investment in clean energy and transportation, as well as a new federal clean electricity standard. (CES) Polls show strong public support for both, to move our electricity future forward, in the power, building, and electric sectors.

The Clean Energy for America Act, supporting the President's vision, has been put forward by Sen. Ron Wyden. Investments included will help individuals and businesses drive new demand for wind/solar power, better battery storage, electric vehicles, transmission lines, and increased energy efficiency, while creating 600,000 family-sustaining jobs. This tax-credit bill will also greatly cut greenhouse gas emissions to help meet national climate goals.

A federal clean electricity standard is important because it would require utilities to increase their share of renewables and other carbon pollution-free electricity. Thirty states — red, blue, purple — have similar laws requiring utilities to use more clean energy, so more than one in three Americans already live in places committed to a clean energy future.

I urge Sens. Pat Toomey and Bob Casey to pass these cost-effective, sensible policies. These will encourage private sector innovation and increase the government's power to create jobs while cutting climate pollution across the economy. The policies will ensure an effective and equitable electricity grid by the 2035 deadline.

Sharon Rathi


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