An opinion piece in the July 26 edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette calls for the U.S. to begin another ‘moonshot,’ like getting to the moon 50 years ago, to take on the climate crisis that’s been building over the last several decades.

A ‘moonshot’ isn’t big enough!

The heating of our planet is now causing almost daily weather calamities, including heat waves scorching most of the world, both devastating droughts and floods in different parts of Southeast Asia, and numerous wildfires across the Arctic. The climate crisis affects all of us here on earth; and governments of most countries are taking action to combat it.

In the U.S., our federal government has known that climate conditions would worsen but has chosen to do very little about them. The Green New Deal, and now a competing plan from mainstream Democrats, have finally raised awareness in the public. Most Americans realize that there’s a problem and that humans are the main cause.

The politics inside the Beltway won’t catch up to the climate crisis. Waiting for something like the Green New Deal to be fleshed out and implemented will take more time than we have to do something.

Congress can take action tomorrow to begin reducing greenhouse gas emissions by passing the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (EICDA, H.R. 763, This legislation cuts emissions, creates millions of jobs, saves countless lives, and puts money in the pockets of most Americans.

Learn more about EICDA and tell Congress to act now.


Cranberry Township

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