I don’t have enough words to say all I want to say, but here goes.

The recent elections have shown that “we the people” are tired of the lies, the mandates, the lawlessness and racist bigotry of those who were/are in power. We’ve been told to lockdown, mask up and quarantine, and then there are the vaccine mandates. No more. I watched as my friends, though vaccinated and quarantined while masked, have gotten severe cases of COVID. Let’s not fool ourselves, the government-funded National Institutes of Health admittedly did the type of research that created a monster virus setting up a human tragedy. Millions are dead, yet our current administration stalled the use of treatment drugs that could have saved many lives. Politicians criticized President Trump for his push for hydroxychloroquine and other life-saving remedies instead of caring about their constituents.

The hate for Trump has increased since he left office. But I must say their hate only deepens our resolve to get the far leftists out of power. It’s not even about Trump anymore, it’s about our government calling citizens terrorists, teaching reverse racism in schools, the Afghanistan debacle, open borders and so much more. Even Democrats are saying we’re on a runaway donkey. I watched other networks go on rampages about the election with accusations of racism as Winsome Sears became the first black woman elected lieutenant governor of Virginia. She’s amazing!

We still don’t have the results of the Nov. 2 election. We need to go back to voting in-person or using requested absentee ballots as when the Pennsylvania Constitution was enacted. Any changes must be on the ballot as a Constitutional amendment — not courts, governors, commissions or Congress. Mail-in ballots and same-day registration should be illegal votes without an amendment. To politicians in power, “elephants” remember!

I urge everyone to watch the Tucker Carlson Fox Nation Special on what really happened on Jan. 6.

Beverly Whitman


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