I believe Meadville is full of awesome people. I'm saddened by the mudslinging from opponents of Vote for Meadville. Jaime Kinder, Jack Harkless and Gretchen Myers are running as a cooperative group with a great dynamic energy. They live and work in Meadville. They represent many walks of life who've undoubtedly been unseen and undervalued for some time. Those who've been told to sit down and shut up. Those who are told their place is not part of the decision making or in city government.

Currently we are digging ourselves out from a deficit that did not happen overnight. It's been growing year after year while past councils have continued to kick it down the road. I've been on a journey of change, and let me tell you, it is hard, uncomfortable and scary but awesome and always worth the discomfort. I view this local election in that same manner. The opposition wants to stay comfortable. They're not running a fair, respectable campaign and this shows me that they're not for everyone. The right man or woman for the job doesn't need to sling mud, they have enough to offer without lowering yourself to an unsavory level. The attempts to make Vote for meadville look like some ulterior motive takeover by outsiders is outlandish and unfounded. Jaime, Jack, and Gretchen want to move Meadville into a positive direction so everybody in our city is seen, heard and valued.

When the comfort of power is threatened they yell, and fight to keep their power. Vote for Meadville isn't led by power but by the love they have for Meadville. Change is the only way to move us forward and when I go to vote. I'm voting for candidates that have a respectable campaign, who care what my needs are as much as any other citizen. I'm going to vote for candidates who want to improve business for all local owners. I'm going to vote for the candidates who care to come to my door and didn't ignore me. I hope that you will resist the ugliness that their opponents are putting out and Vote for Meadville. 



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