As a Trump supporter, I do care. I care for my family and community. I support the wall and screening applicants for immigration. I own several guns and believe that I have the right to protect myself and my home. But removing all guns only makes it easier for others to commit gun crimes.

I support stronger punishment for gun violence. I believe that a woman has the right to choose regarding child birth; however, once that child is moving and has a heartbeat, then I believe that abortion is wrong. I am a Christian and I believe that I have the same rights as any other person to practice my religious beliefs. But these days it seems I have to be Muslim or another religion to exercise that right.

I have never watched Fox News, but I take everything covered by the major networks and journalists with a grain of salt. They seem to only ever cover one side of an issue. For three years, the Democratic party has spent time, effort and money working against the person who was elected. What a waste. The money and time spent on all those investigations could have gone to aiding veterans, the homeless and even senior citizens.

President Trump was elected because we are tired of politicians, their promises and lies. We are tired of them using their positions for themselves. Why are so many of them now millionaires after being poor politicians for years? Many have been in office for over 30 years and we still have the same problems and the same solution — raise the taxes.

As a senior citizen, I don't have the money for more taxes. We can't provide everything for free, but we can provide people with jobs, as Trump has done. Look at the unemployment ratings. I worked for my education, my children, my retirement. None of this was free, as the Democrats would like to propose. But I value what I have because I earned it.

Trump supporters are not blind, ignorant sheep. We are thinkers and want change. We are getting that change.



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