Rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure would strengthen our economy. No doubt about it. Good paying jobs would come from repairing roads, bridges and our archaic railway system. These jobs would bring purchasing power to the people — thus profits to companies everywhere. A win-win scenario. Recent polls show strong support for the infrastructure bill. This bipartisan bill has already passed in the U.S. Senate. However, U.S. Sen. Patrick Toomey chose not to support it.

Now our senators must grapple with a budget bill. It is my hope that, in the coming weeks, Sen. Toomey will work in good faith toward developing a bipartisan budget resolution. Such a bill could offer middle and working class Americans access to affordable health care, fair housing, quality education and child care for all who need it. Large corporations and the very wealthiest Americans would pay their fair share of taxes to support this budget. Currently they pay lower taxes than in almost any other advanced country.

Please join me in urging Sen. Toomey to put politics aside and work toward a budget resolution that strengthens our economy and helps everyday families get ahead.


Conneaut Lake

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