Microfiber cloths are addicting; we all are amazed at their cleaning ability and convenience.

But what is the the dark side of these chemical wonders? Look at a disposed cloth.

Left on the ground, a 100 percent natural fiber cloth will degrade within months, a microfiber cloth will still be there in 200 years. Natural fibers will return to the earth, the other will separate

into smaller pieces and never return to unrefined petroleum.

During the useful life of a natural fiber cloth, small pieces will rinse out with the wash and rot as they flow through waste treatment to the river of discharge. This is not so with the microfiber —minuscule pieces are shed in the wash, do not rot in waste treatment, go into our streams where aquatic plants and animals take them in, finally ending up in downstream water used for irrigation and consumption eventually discharging into the sea.

Think about a return to natural fiber, fibers brought to us from our farms, the bounty of the earth, returned to the earth.

Refined petroleum products, above and beyond the fuel we burn, has made its mark on our planet from our "perma-pressed" clothing, nylon carpeting, Olefin upholstery, diapers, mattresses and microfiber cloths, none of it is going away, it sheds into soil, air, food, and water. It's a legacy we have created since the 1960s and we have thousands of acres of landfills full of it, we can only hope that science is able to figure out a way to get rid of it or re-use it because in these 60 years we have tossed out enough to bury the following generations.



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