Does any word more perfectly describe 2021? What a year! We will always want and need change, as long as we live in a fallen world with our own human nature. But the change we have seen in America and the world around us seem far from the ones we welcome. "Progressives" (actually re-gressives) want to change us into replicas of historically failed and suicidal regimes, where the elite few at the top control every aspect of life with laws and rules that do not apply to themselves.

As our incredible American forefathers are vilified for every failure or mistake they made, by people with apparently no moral compass and filled with hate, millions are risking their lives every day to get to America, known worldwide as the "land of the free and home of the brave."

Oxymoronic? Our children are being intentionally programmed (not educated) to hate their native land and even each other — something that no other country in the world would do. The nation that uniquely allows traitorous words and actions as part of our freedoms can fall because of the greed and amorality of human nature. Democracy really depends on the governed to be guided overall by God. All our laws, and every single one of our state constitutions acknowledges this. The Ten Commandments are our foundation. But the Bible says that in the end of times lawlessness will prevail.

Just when everything seems to be falling apart, it is actually coming together, as God prepares for the return of Jesus.

Dennis L. Jackson


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