If you have your health, you have a lot. Americans must not continue to allow feverish, for-profit insurance industry lobbying to prod us into asking the wrong questions about single-payer health care for all.

Industry’s big point is to state that Medicare for All will raise taxes. This is not the right question. The question is, what will it cost us? The answer is it will cost most of us far less than what we pay now and everyone will be covered.

So it’s also a moral issue. Premiums, co-pays and deductibles would be eliminated. This translates into tax savings to local municipalities, counties, states and school districts who provide health insurance for their employees. Medical coverage would not be tied to your employment, so you could change jobs with no worries.

The issue of losing employer provided health insurance isn’t even an issue. Currently, rising health insurance costs prohibit many employers from covering their employees. Medicare for All would lower employers' workman’s compensation insurance obligations. Your auto insurance premium would go down because medical coverage on your policy would go away.

A huge number of bankruptcies are due to medical bills. Less stress during a medical episode is a good thing. Medicare for All means security.

Ask yourself, would you rather pay the 25 to 30 percent administrative costs of private health insurance or see the health care professionals that actually take care of you to get a little more? There is something really wrong with people who shuffle papers making huge profits on our health care. Not to mention the control they have over what they consider medically necessary.

I want my health care professional to decide that. It should be people before profits. Always. It would be with Medicare for All.

Medicare for All would take the confusion out for both patients and providers. Anyone who has had to look at all the different plans with all the different policies and coverage and costs know what I am talking about. Single-payer, Medicare for All makes it efficient and simple. Everyone has the same great economical coverage.

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