This letter is in response to a letter submitted by Valerie B. Waid concerning respect for the nurses at Meadville Medical Center.

I was admitted to the fourth floor of the Medical Center Monday, Nov. 11, early morning. I was greeted with a pleasant room looking inviting. The nurses were waiting for me and started my care immediately. This is the way I was treated the three days of my stay.

I wasn't allowed to eat or drink, but I learned I could have ice chips. Not one time was I refused. My back was bathed — yes it's true. Respiratory people — the two young college men are learning as they go. Each and every one of those who were part of my care earned my respect. They each took a minute or two to help quiet my pain and fears.

After I was home a few days, I received a special well-wishing note from "the fourth floor," listing their names.

My thanks to all who cared for me, including Dr. Carr. He was very special and respectful to this 85-year-old former patient.


Conneaut Lake

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