I have never understood why a precious limited resource such as oil is wasted on one use items such as plastic bags or soda bottles that can last as trash for decades. Perhaps the future generations will curse our folly when fossil fuel is even more depleted than it is now.

Bags and bottles are found in the ocean and we have all heard that disaster — the islands of plastic floating around and the bits of plastic being eaten by fish. I like fish and chips, but I want that to be bits of potatoes not plastic.

Now plastic is very convenient. So why not go old school at least with the plastic bottles?

When I was growing up, back in the day, I would sometimes find a glass bottle on the side of the road and smile because I could turn this in and get a nickel. Why doesn't Pennsylvania have a bottle deposit setup like Michigan, Iowa or Connecticut? We could reuse instead of throwing out bottles (bottles on streets mean recycling not working and some recycling just goes into the garbage anyway).

The Pennsylvania Legislature is considering having bottle deposits for a nickel here. House Bill 1322 is the number. You might want to check it out.

If you think it would help keep Pennsylvania cleaner and maybe create a couple jobs in process and actually do something with those pesky bottles, give our state senators a call (Michele Brooks, 717-787-1322).

Wouldn't it be truly silly of us to let a supposed convenient item to cause us so many troubles?



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