I think we missed our exit ramp over the last decade. Exit ramp to where? Leaving the beaten path to walk the disappearing trail of fairness.

A county government makes choices; many of these choices are spearheaded by our county commissioners. The near future election could put into place a group of three that will choose fairness over steamroll, the wellbeing of allĀ countiansĀ over the wellbeing of the status quo, the strength of the county down to the roots. How can we expect a beautiful canopy if the root is not nourished?

Front and center over the last decade, this county has invested heavily in the infrastructure of incarceration, a reflection of economic imbalance. We are currently left with more investment to make the new courthouse annex a finished, marketable space. I suppose we must finish the investment much like someone who has replaced a transmission in their vehicle has to replace the exhaust system when it fails.

But that is not why I write; I write for the future, the future decisions and paths for our county. I want to experience a county that chooses fair and healthy minded policies, that would serve all its people and serve the state and country as a stellar example of governance.

If it comes to be that we keep Christopher "experienced" Soff, a sitting commissioner, and add Eric "live within your means" Henry and Dan "open eyes and ears to the people, all the people" Hunter, we could have a well-balanced trio at the top. We can begin to become a fair and healthy county.



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