I strongly support the notion to completely eliminate school property taxes and all property taxes for that matter. It’s a cancer that eats away at the foundation of our economy until there is nothing left. And like a cancer, there is more than one solution for the cure, but the end result must be to get rid of it completely.

No half measures should be taken, such as freezing property taxes for seniors, or homestead exclusion plans that give school districts the option — but not the obligation — to reduce or even eliminate the tax. Why keep the cancer?

That’s why I support HB 13, new legislation that will completely eliminate the school property tax in one fell swoop, shifting the way schools are funded, through income and sales tax.

It also would impose a tax on retirement income, not including Social Security. Consider that retirement income is already being taxed without limitation for property owners via property tax.

The financial condition of the commonwealth is severe and requires real solutions. There are pros and cons to any plan, but more important is the fact that seniors and all Pennsylvanians would never again be at risk of losing their homes to school property taxes.



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