Many supporters of our former president have made their positions perfectly clear. Though safe and effective vaccines became available in late 2020, they are willing to sacrifice the health and safety of schoolchildren in an illogical effort to discredit our current president. In a recent public interview, a Missouri resident declared he would never take the vaccine because it wasn’t approved in time to “re-elect his president.” These folks risk a resurgence of COVID-19 using the excuse of personal freedom. Some even booed their former president when he made a half-hearted effort to promote vaccines in Alabama.

These same people demonstrate and threaten violence about masks and vaccines, even though they took most other vaccines when they attended public schools. They didn’t care about personal freedoms then, nor do they seem to care about mandatory child car seats, car safety belts, traffic laws, or even prohibitions against shouting “fire” in a crowded theater. Several local schools have been forced to shut down due to rising infections, yet adjacent local schools and school boards have been threatened by loud demonstrations.

France had a worse pandemic problem than the United States, and their president finally instituted strict requirements, such as vaccine passports. Hundreds of thousands of protesters hit the streets, but he held firm and today their COVID numbers are declining while ours are rising. I hope our president and our governor hold firm with their efforts to institute strict requirements here.

I have a son and two daughters-in-law teaching, and five grandchildren under 12 whose health is now jeopardized when they go to school. The virus doesn’t care about who you voted for or what political party you belong to. It will survive and its mutants will survive until herd immunity is achieved. I urge everyone opposed to masks and the vaccine to rethink their position and end this pandemic. I urge them to reconsider their support of politicians who lack the courage to support proven efforts to end this scourge.

Michel Wilcox


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