Thank you, Ed Mailliard, for your recent column, “Happy New Year, Bright Eyes.”

The column reminds all of us again of the importance and power that verbal and written words carry with them.

We are into a brand new year and we have the perfect opportunity to make some changes in our lives. To alter some of our bad habits into good ones.

Many years ago I wrote about the importance of our choice of words. When we speak or write, our words carry a tremendous amount of power with them. They can make or break someone.

I, for many years, had a habit of calling little tykes “sweetie pie.” It was a term of endearment that my grandfather always called me. One afternoon in a store in Meadville, I accidentally bumped into a small child with his mother. My immediate response was “so sorry sweetie pie.” It was not a pleasant response to this little boy who immediately looked at his mother and said, “I am not a sweetie pie!” Oops! Not the right words for a grown up young man! Guess we have to think about what we say and who we are speaking to.

That would be a good resolution for all of us to consider.

Carefully choose words that can lift up, not tear down or be demeaning.

Use words that show respect, not contempt. Words that can spread love, not hate.

OK, "Bright Eyes," I have the picture. Happy New Year!




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