Since I moved to Meadville in 1985, the voters of the city of Meadville have voted predominately Democrat on all election levels and the mayor and city council have been primarily held by Democrats, while the county has always gone Republican.

Kennedy Democrats from the 1960s are dwindling. The new face of local government is moving further to the left and “progressive” (not synonymous with better) and “socialist” (non-compliment) are here, because PA United has provided assistance for Jaime Kinder, Gretchen Myers and Jack Harkless and some school board members. 

One would think Mayor LeRoy Stearns, being a Democrat would not have been a target, but one of PA United goals is to stop other Democrats that do not accept their agenda. Stearns lost to Kinder in the May primary.

I keep reading about the “the same people” running boards and being on council are business and/or property owners and change is needed. Kinder and Myers own their own businesses; and Myers and Harkless own their own homes. Also, all Republican candidates own their own houses and Kantz has her own business.

Nancy Mangilo Bittner and Jim Roha have both been on council and know it’s history financially. Isn’t that what we want? Kinder, Myers and Harkless do not and Vogel and McKnight will have two years under their belt come 2022. Would you not want a doctor that has performed the operation before to take care of you? Not the newbies who have just read the textbook?

I have lived in the city and work in the city. I have been a Democrat and I have been a Republican. How the city is run financially, socially, ethically and morally affects all county residents. If this city fails then the county fails. Voters should know the origin of a candidates’ ideology and support and remember “You get what you vote for.”



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