I am one of those Christian people that supports our president that Ms. Shields is writing about in her letter.

I also believe that God of the Bible is truth as she stated that she believes. I believe that God created this world and everything in it. Because of that I believe that He is in total control. Since sin came into the world all He has to work with is imperfect people, but God will use whom he will to accomplish His will.

Just about the all things that President Trump campaigned on he accomplished. He transformed our economy into one of the best ever, he fought to keep out illegal aliens, he got rid of unnecessary regulations which stood in the way of progress, he got us out of the Paris accords which was a big plus for me, and got us out of the Iran debacle. He accomplished all this while his opposition was running a coup against him and the deep state and the media were and still are telling half-truths and lies about him. They are like a pack of dogs after a deer all the time trying to bring him down.

Another reason I am for him is that he is Pro-Life, I could not vote for someone who is for killing the unborn.

Another he believes in capitalism. Capitalism is the reason that we have had our freedom for so many years. His and our opponents want socialism but it has been tried all over the world and it has failed every time.

The last thing is that I believe few people love this country as much as President Trump.



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