I am concerned with the latest trend of our presidents, and all Americans should be concerned!

The past few presidents have been using "executive orders" to achieve their agenda. However, none of them have used them (executive orders) to the extent of our new president. He has signed at least 40 executive orders to achieve his agendas — some affecting our national security. An executive order is a power given to our president to use in an emergency when needed when it would take Congress a while to act. This power is being misused by our new president and is very dangerous to our country! Having one person making these orders, basically laws, is not our country was founded by very wise men (three branches of government).

We, as Americans, should use our right to change things or correct them by contacting our members of Congress, both Senators and members of the House of Representatives, to tell them to vote on a limitation to this power by our presidents.

We as individual Americans should all take action on this. If we don't, we are headed for dictatorship like other countries in the world. Yes, this can happen to America faster than you think!

This is not about politics, it is about our freedom as Americans. If we do nothing, America as we know it will change in the wrong direction, especially for our children and grandchildren. Wake up, America!


Guys Mills

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