As World War I erupted in Europe, President Woodrow Wilson formally proclaims neutrality of the United States. His initial hope, that America could be “impartial in thought and action," was soon compromised by Germany’s attempt to quarantine the British Isles. Eventually, due to new evidence and information, President Wilson asked Congress for a declaration of war.

By no means am I attempting to compare the local sheriff’s election with a world war. My point is, a good leader makes decisions that are at times unpopular but are made when, new information comes to light. As the leader of the sheriff’s office I made the decisions to support Dave Powers based on factual information and made with the citizens of Crawford County in mind. The citizens that I swore an oath to protect, to the best of my ability.

It was weeks after I returned to the office on a more regular basis after my cancer treatments, that I began to be made aware of facts that I believe to be true. Facts which made me question the leadership of Mr. Fratus. Some information that has been posted on various sites or highlighted in letters is at least inaccurate and at worst true falsehood. I will not begin to go into all that has transpired in a short 350-word forum. I ask the voters of Crawford County to first, come out and vote for the candidate of your choice, and second, trust me one more time and support Dave Powers for my replacement.

It has been an honor to have served the citizens of this great county for 11-plus years. I can say without a doubt that my prior law enforcement experience was a huge benefit not a detriment. Experience that has served the county well for the last 50 years, by sheriffs Al Grill, Howard Stewart, Bob Stevens and myself. It’s absurd to think that these past sheriffs were only seeking a retirement job. And, yes, they were collecting a pension, earned and deserved as law enforcement officers protecting our citizens.



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