My name is Glen Peterson and I am a retired Meadville city police sergeant with over 31 years of service. I had the privilege of working with Robert Stevens, Nick Hoke and Dave Powers, all who retired as sergeants with the Meadville city police.

Both Stevens and Hoke became Crawford County sheriffs and worked hard to improve the sheriff department. It is an excellent department, thanks to these men. Sheriff Hoke and former Sheriff Stevens endorse Dave Powers as their choice for our next sheriff, as do I.

Dave was a first class Meadville city police officer and a supervisor. He was a patrol officer doing criminal investigations plus taking on duties as a firearms trainer and field training officer. Dave is a member in good standing with Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 97.

Dave is deputy with the sheriff department, having been hired by Sheriff Hoke. He is a firearms instructor for the sheriff department and a NRA member. Dave has many certifications related to his law enforcement career, which shows his commitment to the job.

Dave has twice the number of years as a law enforcement officer with 36 years total as a police officer and sheriff deputy compared to his opponent who has 13 years.

His opponent continues to imply that Dave is looking for the office of sheriff as a retirement job because he already has a police pension. I guess his opponent must feel the same way of Stevens and Hoke. Instead of impugning Dave's character, he should thank him for his service.

It is not unusual for a police officer to use the skills he acquired and take them into a second career. This applies to anyone with a pension, including police, military or fire department. Dave earned his city police pension and deserves our appreciation.

I want to thank Dave Powers for his service as a dedicated law enforcement officer of 26 years. I see Dave as a person committed to the citizens of Crawford County by becoming our next sheriff.



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