It is becoming increasingly obvious that the majority of one of our political parties does not believe in democracy. Why else would they be sponsoring dozens of bills designed to limit access to vote?

They say it is to prevent fraud, but with the exception of Newsmax and the Fox network, nobody else believes there was fraud and nobody has found any fraud. There have been over 60 lawsuits claiming election fraud which have been dismissed, and the judges hearing these cases were frequently Republican appointees.

Arizona and Georgia have had recounts by Republican officials and have found no fraud. And how can they explain many of their state and local candidates winning on the same ballot that Trump lost on? Do they believe that Democrats are so incompetent as to fix one race and not the others?

As a Democrat in Crawford County, I have often seen the unhappy side of democracy. Rarely do the candidates I support get elected. But, that's what majority rule is about. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and this is how it has worked for us for centuries until Jan. 6. That's when one party decided that power was more important than democracy. It's not like in four years we could vote democracy back in. Once it's gone, it's gone forever. That's why it's so important that this push towards autocracy is stopped. We need to reject those who have no regard or respect for over 200 years of democracy. We need to condemn those who use hate and fear to divide us. Our country as we know it depends on it.


Conneaut Lake 

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