PENNCREST School District’s motto is “empowering life-long learners” but is the district committed to acting on that slogan? defines life-long learning as the provision or use of both formal and informal learning opportunities throughout people's lives in order to foster the continuous development and improvement of the knowledge and skills needed for employment and personal fulfillment.

On Oct. 14, Tim Brown, Luigi DeFrancesco, Bob Johnston, Bryan Lynch and David Valesky robbed one of our district’s teachers of an opportunity to learn about and provide new learning experiences for our PENNCREST students. This educator chose to seek out relevant professional development to — I am supposing — be a model lifelong learner rather than settling for complacence.

According to a Meadville Tribune article, only one of the board members who voted “no” to the requested conference acknowledged knowing that this local professional had also planned to represent our district by sharing a presentation at the conference. This reactionary vote certainly lacked breadth of thought given to the potential positive outcomes, no matter one’s political beliefs or affiliation. Our children’s educational future is neither the place for knee-jerk decision-making, nor for politicking.

This denial is a careless embrace of complacence and mediocrity and a foolish decision to put politics ahead of our students’ growth. Our teachers heard it. Our children heard it. Our students heard it. May they refuse this short-sighted hypocrisy and continue to strive for growth and excellence as they develop a lifelong love of learning.

PENNCREST, will you be a driving force behind that growth? Or will you change your slogan?



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