Congressman Mike Kelly, state Sen. Michele Brooks, state Rep. Brad Roae, Kathy Rapp and 30 other Republican legislators asked or endorsed the idea of the U.S. Supreme Court disenfranchising voters who voted against their preferred candidate in the 2020 general election. These legislators now claim that the state's mail-in voter law, Act 77, is unconstitutional. Their claim is being made a year after Act 77 passed on a bipartisan basis and over six months after it was utilized successfully in the 2020 primary election.

Although their candidate, Donald Trump, urged his supporters to avoid using mail in ballots in the election held during our nationwide pandemic, millions of state voters chose to ignore him and voted safely utilizing Act 77. When their candidate lost the election, these legislators then decided that their losing candidate should be declared the winner because they, not the voters, should have the final say. They feel that a majority of state voters must be disenfranchised so that they can declare their losing candidate the winner. Trump’s 80,000-vote loss should be disregarded and state legislators should rule.

In my opinion, the effort of these legislators is a violation of their oath of office and they are guilty of betraying our country, our state, and the U.S. Constitution. Why have an election if our legislators will then make the decision for us? This is something that happens in dictatorships and that our founding fathers intended to prevent. 



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