Even though it may have been written to criticize, it is only comforting that there are men willing to declare truth and live it by not masking up and not allowing the muzzling of their wives and their children, and even more comforting that there are friends and relatives willing to circle the wagons and stand up for truth, not their truth, truth period.

We do our society, and more importantly our own community, a solid when we do not fake that the masks work when we do not pedal lies that the vaccines work even when our own healthcare system in town is willing to pedal that. Men, continue to stand strong for your families and community and stand in the truth. I haven't seen or heard the story yet of Jesus asking his followers and those with him, men and women, as well as children, to run home and get a couple masks on and possibly get vaccinated because there's a leper coming.

No, I think the men, women and children probably breathlessly gathered around to watch him touch the sick, touch the leper and heal them. Jesus mandates Truth, straight up, so the next time you see a man or woman with their children and no mask, please thank them. Thank them for allowing their child's smile to be seen and be a part of what lights up this universe and thank them for being willing to stand up for truth.

Wearing a mask is not the patriotic thing to do. If you are willing to pedal that lie and use that as your patriotism, please take down, if you have an American flag, and hang a mask from that flagpole. Even better, follow the CDC and hang two or three.

Men be strong and good courage.

Merry Christmas and may God bless America.

Travis Mullet

Guys Mills

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