The current partisan rhetoric by state and national politicians and by right- and left-wing extremists is out of control.

Opposite views should be respected, debated and the majority prevail. And election results should be honored.

I believe the anonymous comments like the “Sound-Off” column only helps to ignite the situation more. While many of the comments are hilarious and entertaining, most are petty complaints or opinions trying to incite the other “side.” Those making these anonymous statements are the equivalent of hiding behind black or white suits and masks like “ISIS,” the “Klan” or “Antifa.”

I ask the Tribune to change their policy on anonymous “Sound-Off” comments and require a short byline stating the name of the person making the comment and where they are from.

My guess is that most ridiculous comments made by “gutless” people hiding behind anonymity would be eliminated. And the platform for an individual with multiple e-mail accounts would disappear.

Maybe comments would be a little more civil and intelligent.



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