I'm voting for Larry McKnight and Autumn Vogel for Meadville City Council. I believe we are ready for fresh, energized and informed council members to reinvigorate council.

Larry and Autumn have been working hard to hear from as many people in the city as they can and have communicated the issues they would like to work on including: safe and affordable housing, welcoming public spaces, and a government who works for all of us.

Larry is a longtime resident and community member who cares enough to step up and do the hard work of improving and promoting Meadville as a wonderful place to live and work. Autumn is younger, but very experienced through her community oriented resume and from being very involved in community organizations and events.

I'm from Meadville, left to gain an education and start my career, and then returned to raise my children closer to family. I tell people all the time how fantastic it is that both my husband and I were able to find work here in our respective fields, and that we truly enjoy living here.

We volunteer in our community to do our part to keep Meadville a place we want to live. Most importantly we vote for candidates that also love living here and are ready to do the hard work to improve and celebrate our community.



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