With a number of candidates running for the PENNCREST School Board, we need to know what they stand for, their voting record on property taxes and Act 93, which gives the administration and principals over $100,000 a year in salary plus benefits.

Jeff Brooks and Gerry Deane have voted for these increases on a regular basis, which have hurt our seniors, who are barely hanging on to their homes, living on fixed incomes which they need for food and medical expenses.

When a death occurs in the home of an elderly couple, it leaves one Social Security check to pay for everything and forces the individual to sell their home or lose it to the sheriff’s office. We cannot afford to elect another board that will continue this practice of spending.

We need property tax relief, and our Legislature needs to move in this direction. We should have a tax-free home on the primary residence for anyone 65 and over.

Please cast your vote for David Valesky, Luigi DeFrancesco, Harry Hicks Jr., Jennifer Davis, Bill Sleptzoff and Brian Lynch to ensure that we don’t see future tax increases. We must never forget that about 70 percent of our budget goes for salaries and benefits of the personnel of PENNCREST.


Randolph Township

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