Republican lies, repeated often enough, have begun to confuse discouraged voters. A recent Republican county chairperson stated that President Obama caused a deficit increase from $6.36 trillion to $19.95 trillion. Obama inherited a deficit of $10.02 trillion, a collapsing stock market and unemployment of 7.8 percent. Increased government spending was necessary to avoid another great depression. In his eight years, unemployment decreased from 7.8 percent to 4.7 percent and the stock market average nearly tripled.

Trump inherited this improving market, but allowed unemployment to rise and the stock market to decrease. In Biden’s first year, unemployment decreased while wages and the stock market increased.

Some of Trump’s failures were caused by the pandemic. Although vaccines were developed during his administration, he claimed that COVID would go away, that injecting bleach might help, that masks were unnecessary, and that too much testing caused the problem. As a result, many of his supporters continue to refuse to take the vaccines.

Under President Biden, over 200 million Americans have now been vaccinated and testing, although still inadequate, has greatly increased. Unfortunately, vaccine resistance has allowed the mutation of new variants and hospitals are again being challenged, mostly by the unvaccinated.

Although Biden contends with a 50-50 Senate, in 11 months he got a COVID-Relief bill passed that gave $1,400 per person direct payments and $350 billion in aid to state and local governments. He extended unemployment supplements and increased subsidies to the Affordable Care Act. He provided child-care tax credits to most families that lifted millions of children out of poverty. He signed a $1 trillion infrastructure bill that Trump didn’t even attempt. With the exception of the infrastructure bill, he faced unanimous Republican opposition. Republican 2017 tax cuts for the wealthy added more to the deficit than any of Biden’s accomplishments.

Republican lies about election fraud may now allow Republican legislators to override election results to preserve their power. At least eight of nine Pennsylvania Republican congressmen sued to allow the Texas attorney general to choose Pennsylvania electors in the 2020 election.

We must not allow Republican lies to destroy our democracy.

Michel Wilcox


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