Good ol' Joe Biden —the Democrats said he’d handle the pandemic and vaccine roll-out better and create good-paying union jobs. They touted he would “unify” the country. The media glorified his campaign slogan, “Build back better,” which has quickly become “Bring back Barrack (Obama)."

Video shows Biden cannot complete a sentence, he slurs his words, he loses his notes and sometimes doesn’t know his next move. He’s supposed to be the leader of the free world but cannot get a pen into his suitcoat pocket. It’s pitiful, yet dangerous. He has the codes to nuclear weapons. Wow!

President Trump’s policies were good for America and it’s allies. His immigration policy stopped the gushing border — Biden reversed it. Violating his oath, Biden supports H.R. 1 bill passed by the House, which takes away states' Constitutionally protected voting rights. Trump had peace treaties in the Middle East, now bombs and terrorist threats permeate the region. Trump had unemployment at 3 percent. Biden eliminated over 10,000 jobs with just a pen.

Although we’re in a perpetual political election cycle, May 18 contains judgeships vital to our daily lives; here’s why. Pennsylvania state law requires that the deadline for a county board of elections to receive a mail-in ballot is 8 p.m. on Election Day. Instead of following state law (2020), judges, without any authorization by the Pennsylvania General Assembly, usurped legislative power by extending that deadline to three days after Election Day. Judges are vital and must uphold the laws, not “interpret” them as part of a political agenda. Please educate yourselves on upcoming candidates no matter the position, party, or election. Their decisions affect us all. God bless the USA!



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