Just like the movie, we’re in a tornado (COVID). Our lives have become topsy-turvy. Many awaken into what seems a nightmare where Aunt Em can’t be found (lost to COVID). Swirling in the debris are many other issues — inflation, racial tension, political division, climate change, etc.

Because of “Operation Warp Speed,” a yellow-brick road was constructed. The foresight of one man set a pathway forward leading to the protection (vaccine) and treatments that would ease the storm. But the next leader ignored the path, even tore out some of the bricks. Now the delta variant is spreading like wildfire. Gov. Tom Wolf ignored the path by placing COVID patients into nursing homes, causing more deaths. Even The Tin Man had a bigger heart.

Using our brains (like Scarecrow) we must discern fact from rhetoric. I was fully vaccinated and still got COVID, so rather than pushing vaccine mandates, let’s look at better treatments. President Trump said from the very beginning it would be like the flu for which we get a (voluntary) vaccine each year depending on the variant. Dr. Anthony Fauci (like a winged monkey) helped the wicked get funding for the evil research which creates these deadly viruses. Are they still doing it? Shouldn’t we know?

We mustn’t be cowardly like The Lion. We must stand up against tyrannical vaccination mandates, CRT, government overspending, climate change panic and defunding the police. Unlike the movie "The Wizard of Oz," Dr. Mehmet Oz may be a good senatorial candidate for Pennsylvania. He understands illness, he’s an America first believer, he believes in less government and more “we the people” rule. He may not be a wizard, but his love for the American way is desperately needed in today’s political arena.

To a special 83-year-old who sends me thank you notes that read, “Gee, I wish I’d said that,” Merry Christmas and God bless.

Beverly Whitman


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