Ever since the successful three-term mayoralty of Richard Friedberg, the Democratic Party in Meadville has done its best to improve the economy and quality of life here while struggling to overcome a tax base burdened by many tax-exempt properties. 

The Republican Party really has had no answers. There’s a new generation of Democratic leaders trying to develop innovative approaches for city council and local government. Our community is also being presented with many new challenges. We must be prepared to meet these challenges in new ways.

At the same time, there are people who offer no solutions, only attacks. The write-in candidate for mayor, for example, is a registered Republican (but won’t admit to it all of the time) and has resorted to serious attacks on the Democratic nominee, Jaime Kinder. Supporters of Kantz’s campaign have resorted to the scare tactics that have, sadly, worked so well for her Republican Party.

Because her campaign has been mostly about negative attacks, we can only speculate on her actual approach. She talks about well funded police and fire departments without ever explaining how she plans to pay for it. And how does she feel about protecting our school children from COVID through mask mandates?

Meanwhile, Jaime Kinder is running alongside Gretchen Myers and Jack Harkless. Their names are on the ballot, and they’re running on a clear, positive vision for the city that includes participatory budgeting, creating community engagement committees and updating our zoning laws.

Ignore the bullying. Vote for Meadville!



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