“You have too much time on your hands." I loathe this phrase with every fiber of my creative being. People have said this to me so many times in my life and each time, I’ve fumed for a week afterward.

If you are guilty of saying this to people, you need to know how rude, mean and disrespectful it is. It is an insult that passive/aggressive folks like to use to put you in your place while trying to disguise it as humor. That way, if the recipient of this comment gets angry, the aggressor doesn’t have to take any responsibility for being crass and hurtful. “Oh, c’mon, it was a joke!”

We all have 24 hours in each day to spend as we choose. I own that time outright; thank you very much! You may not wish to spend your time being creative and silly, but I am not asking you to give up any of your time; I am using my own time because it means something to me.

This is usually said to me after I have taken about 10 seconds to post something silly on social media. I enjoy making people laugh and I am told quite often how much my sense of humor is appreciated. Finding humor in life’s moments comes easily to me. If I can spend a small fragment of my day making a friend laugh, then how can that be time wasted? It also implies that I don’t have responsibilities in my life. I am busy like everyone else, but I make time for what I enjoy — being creative.

God gifted us all with talents, so when I am using what God gave me; it is no one’s place to tell me it is time wasted. I am doing what I was designed to do. Telling me I have too much time on my hands is the same as saying that what I’ve have done, albeit, in a very short amount of time, was pointless and insignificant. Not cool.

You march to your drum and I will march to mine.



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