Ruth Dimerling’s letter to the editor of July 5 was very telling about how she can stoop to name-calling when someone disagrees with her and her brand of religion.

There are many ways in which a president kills babies. One only needs to look at our southern border to find evidence of that. Or a presidential veto to kill a bill meant to stop the worst civilian humanitarian crisis caused by U.S. bombing assistance in Yemen. Or by putting forth an immoral budget that strips the social safety nets put in place to help our most vulnerable citizens, babies included, all to pay for tax cuts for the rich. Or by deregulating polluting industries so kids breathe and drink filthy, life threatening air and water. Or pulling out of nuclear weapons treaties, which has moved the doomsday clock two minutes to midnight. Or by upholding the NRA’s position to block universal background checks and common sense gun legislation. Ask the Sandy Hook parents if they had family authority. Sanctions also kill.

If you really want to stop killing babies, stop buying into a false moral narrative. Object to big government control of over 50 percent of your taxes going to war and the arms industries. Raise the minimum wage. Elect people committed to a clean, green economy with good paying jobs so parents can afford to take care of their children with dignity in a healthier environment. Elect those who are committed to ending the insanity of a nuclear arms race.

The word socialism has different interpretations. Democratic socialism falls right in line with what Jesus commanded us to do; to love one another and care for each other as the early Christians had to do to survive. To each according to their need.

Perhaps one day His truth will make its way into Ms. Dimerling’s heart and it will set her free of her distain for those who do not see the world through her blind eyes. Yes, I will vote my faith.



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