This is in response to Tim Solomon's Pastoral Insight, March 27. 

He stated that when Roe v. Wade became law in 1973 the number of illegal abortions went from 130,000 to 17,000. He did not mention the other side of the coin. Since 1973 more than 70 million babies have been aborted in America. The law made it legal to kill those babies simply because they were unplanned, unloved and unwanted.

Solomon correctly stated the Bible says, "Do not commit adultery." He adds, "Yet Jesus compassionately forgave a woman taken in adultery." Because Jesus forgave her doesn't mean Jesus condones adultery, as what's implied. Yes, Jesus forgave her. But he also said, "Go and sin no more."

Solomon later wrote, "God commands Christians to be compassionate to all." And he adds, "Even those choosing abortion." His remarks are misleading, first, because Jesus directed his words to all people, not just Christians. Secondly, the words "even those choosing abortion" aren't in the Bible. Those words are not God's. I believe Mr. Solomon is striking out at Christians here. Christians are compassionate to those choosing abortion. It's what they're doing that we have issue with — killing babies because they are not wanted. That's premeditated murder. God will forgive a mother who has an abortion because she doesn't want a baby. But she must be truly sorry.

America aborts more than a million babies every year. That's over 3,000 babies a day. In some states it's legal to let the baby come to term and lay the newborn aside without food and liquid until the baby dies. How could anyone think that God could approve of this?

God is slowly lifting his hand of protection from America. Deadly virus. Corrupt government. Mass shootings. What's next? As long as the law says it's OK to kill babies because they're an unwanted by-product of sex, things will get worse. As long as there are men and women in the church pulpits telling people it's OK to kill babies because they're not wanted, things are going to get worse. And that, Mr. Solomon, is an absolute.



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