I believe there are two candidates of the many coming up for election in the May primaries that stand out and are worthy of our vote on May 21.

The first is Eric Henry, Republican candidate for county commissioner. Eric has spent a great deal of time learning about the business of our county and how our county is run. He has attended the commissioners' meetings for quite some time and learned a lot about the finances and the running of the Crawford County government.

He has seen areas of management that can be improved and taxpayer money that can be saved for us. He has done his homework well for the job of Crawford County commissioner and is very qualified being a very successful businessman himself. He will be a full-time commissioner!

The other candidate who I believe is very qualified is Neil Fratus, who is running for Crawford County sheriff. Our current sheriff, Nick Hoke, is retiring.

Neil has been a deputy sheriff for 13 years and is the current chief deputy (next in command to the sheriff). Neil has learned everything about the sheriff's office from the bottom up and having been promoted from within by our current sheriff to chief deputy. I believe Neil would not have been promoted to second in command if he was not trained and capable to be our next county sheriff.

I would urge you as a voter to check for yourself into these sincere and dedicated candidates and not go to the polls and just vote for a "Popular Name."


Guys Mills

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