Over this past month leading up to our local elections, I have found myself especially appreciative of the Tribune’s presence in our community. Along with Mike Crowley’s reporting of the paper’s candidate forum, the many letters to the editor are particularly helpful — especially to those of us who continue to prefer to get our news "the old-fashioned way."

The multiple perspectives and wide range of topics represented have insured that we voters have the kinds of information we need to clearly understand the significance of what is at stake. While we are all making choices, you and your team have done the kind of work it takes to insure that our choices can be well informed.

I am grateful.

Jan Hyatt


Letters to the editor are written by members of our community and do not reflect the views of the newspaper. It is our hope that opinions from members of our community encourage you to share your opinions in a letter to the editor and further a public conversation about the issues of our lives.

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