What do you do while you are incarcerated by the "new flu"? You could resort to your hobby as I did.

Knitting is my joy and release. My COVID-19 project is knitting Lil' Humilities. These Lil' Humilities are Message Pigs. Yes, pigs are humble, low to the ground. Pigs are not peacocks! The pigs carry their message in the plastic eggs on which they are knitted. The message in the egg: "When people ask for praise, that should tell them that they don't deserve to be praised."

The first Lil' Humility award will go to a man who does deserve praise and wouldn't ask for it. I refer to Thomas Chalmers, who just donated a total, over the years, of 27 gallons of life-saving blood.

Donating blood is not his only service to our community. As the saying goes, "If you want something done, ask a busy person."

Thank you, Tribune, for honoring Tom and helping the local American Red Cross highlighting their need for blood donors. That was the reason Tom gave for appearing in the paper.



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