There is an online petition regarding a proposed brewery in Cochranton.

The location is private property, not public property. Property owners have the right to renovate their property to fit their needs and desires. Earth Logix, LLC has filed for the brewery license through the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB).

I believe the brewery is a great idea and another way to breathe money into the local economy.

Breweries do not degrade neighborhoods. I have visited a fair number of craft breweries and wineries in recent years. They are not the rough and tough bars the petition writer portrays.

The petition indicates that Cochranton Borough is a "dry town," but one needs only to search beer distributors to find one in town on North Franklin Street.

Change can be a good thing and allowing a new business to take root and grow may be the shot in the arm this town of empty storefronts needs to truly begin a comeback in the economy.

Instead of signing a petition against something that would increase revenue to the borough community, perhaps those who are eager to sign should reconsider the vacant businesses that are no longer contributing to the town.

I encourage the Cochranton Area Redevelopment Effort (CARE) committee to provide support to this business endeavor as another great step. CARE has done much for the community already. Supporting the brewery is a logical next project.

Look at the little town of Volant. Residents brainstormed, created little niche shops, including a winery — and the town has prospered!

Look at the Riverside Brewing Company! After the Inn burned down, someone took a chance on the property, breathed new life into it, and is returning a viable business/money stream to Cambridge Springs.

Is it not ironic that the petition writer chose to set up the petition through an organization called “” even though the writer does not want change? Feel free to read the petition for yourself: I ask that you Please do not sign this petition!!

Please give new business a chance!



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