I had the privilege to attend Neil Fratus' meeting in Cambridge Springs recently. I’m a retired newcomer to the county living here only five years. I’m Republican and in no way connected to Neil or his run for sheriff.

I listened intently as Neil spoke for over an hour to a small group. I was impressed at his commitment to not win the race for sheriff, but rather wanting the best for Crawford County and all that is contained in the job of being sheriff.

I was amazed at the complexity of the position and the limited budget they have to do it all. Every word he spoke was relating to what is needed to provide the best services to the county while remaining within budgets. His ideas are to provide a business-like approach to running this organization while always keeping a strong focus on the core responsibility of safety, law and order to what is the purview of the office.

I believe everyone’s vote is important and vote as you like, but please vote.

This sheriff election should not be taken lightly; educate yourselves as to what is really going on. Go to a town hall or a debate or surf the web. Get to the place of casting an informed vote on Election Day.

Neil mentioned several times to get a group of friends, family and neighbors together and he will come and talk to you. Take him up on the offer.

This is not a party vote, it is a vote for the best person that will directly impact the community we live in for years to come.

Neil is an honorable and good family man with a smart plan and the far greater experience to run this sheriff department. Don’t take my word, figure it out for yourself. Look past the yard signs and the politics and figure it out.

Neil has my vote and I thank him for spending his evening in Cambridge Springs.


Cambridge Springs

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