I am a summer resident of Conneaut Lake — I have a home in Summit Township. The lake is my happy place and usually, as I turn in onto Route 18 from Route 322, my tensions float away and I anticipate my arrival at the lake.

Recently, I drove up to the lake to visit some of my “summer friends.” To my disgust, as I drove along Route 18, I noticed an "(expletive) Biden" sign, a "Trump 2024 (expletive) Your Feelings" sign, and a black flag where our Stars and Stripes should be flying.

I don’t particularly care what others' political feelings are, but neighbors and visitors to Summit Township should not have to drive by this terrible language every day.

My friends and I who despise the former president still love our country but don’t feel it necessary to post an "(expletive) Trump" sign to show our poor taste and disregard for the feelings of others. Especially at this time of year, this filthy display is not necessary. 


New Castle

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